Christina Walker

“I used ksabLAW (Keeley) in respect of my employment tribunal claim for amongst other things disability discrimination. Keeley was fantastic to work with. She guided and supported me through my complex employment claim from start to finish. She was very thorough in her work and took time to explain and discuss things with me on my case. I would most definitely recommend Keeley to others looking for a solicitor in employment claims.”

Stephen Bratt

“I used ksabLAW to successfully resolve a work dispute. From the onset, Keeley put my mind at ease in what was an increasingly stressful period. She immediately laid out the process I was about to encounter and assured me of the legalities that were in my favour and areas that I should concentrate on in order to have the best chance of successfully defending my position. Throughout the process Keeley was highly professional and prompt, she understood the urgency of my situation and provided comfort through her swift responses to all my queries via email and when necessary phone. She never once failed to get back to me and as such, I felt supported when the chips were against me. Keeley’s extensive knowledge and expertise twinned with her compassionate outlook ensured I concentrated on the important points to assist my defence rather than waste time on matters that were somewhat irrelevant. She provided a structure and legality to my paperwork to enable me to approach the disciplinary with a professional and informed defence which was instrumental in making my employers think twice before considering any sanction. I am in no doubt as to the effect this had on me keeping my job. I cannot stress how highly I would recommend the services of ksabLAW. I sincerely hope I am not put in such a situation again, but should it happen I would have no hesitation in using their services. I can’t thank Keeley enough.”

Legal 500 [dates various]

“Keeley Baigent has good business acumen and a ‘real-life’ approach to queries’’ Legal 500. “Keeley Baigent’s individual and pragmatic style is hugely advantageous” Legal 500. “Keeley Baigent is a highly experienced employment law practitioner” Legal 500. “Keeley Baigent has ‘excellent knowledge and a pragmatic approach”

Anthony Clarke, Director and Owner Clarke & Roskrow Styling Opticians

“Keeley has been our employment & HR specialist for over six years, helping us navigate through various employment law challenges in that time. Most recently Keeley has provided practical no-nonsense guidance through the COVID-crisis and furlough scheme. Keeley is a joy to work with, always being friendly, approachable, and thoroughly professional. We have no hesitation in recommending ksabLAW.”

Penny McConnell (Previous Director of Legal Services, University of Leicester

“Throughout the eight years that I have worked with Keeley, and however complicated or protracted the matters may have been, I have always felt that she was there to support me. She is quick to master her briefs, and easily homes in on the central issues and how best to deal with them. In my long experience of working with lawyers, this ability to be straightforward with her clients and to provide them with clear advice and ongoing support singles her out as exceptional, and is the reason I would recommend that whoever has a chance to work with Keeley should do so without hesitation.”

Barbara Chantrill Chair of Trustees and previous Chief Executive of Leicestershire Education Business Company

“Keeley is an inspiration! She gives me the confidence to deal with employment matters and helps me to remove the emotion because she is objective and clear, focusing on the issues presented and giving step by step guidance to help me to achieve a resolution. She is very knowledgeable on employment law and passionate about her job”.

Ken Hornsby, Director Target Pest Control & Hygiene Ltd

“The support that Keeley has provided over the years has been extremely helpful. Her expertise in dealing with our various issues have been dealt with in a very professional and compassionate way and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others”

Vasile Pavalascu, General Manager of The Whitewater Hotel and Leisure Club

“We have been assisted with our employment law queries and issues by Keeley Baigent for a number of years and for the duration of the time that I have been the General Manager. Keeley is always professional and accessible and deals with our matters efficiently and appropriate to the circumstances. I trust her implicitly in dealing with our employment law matters and value her advice and expertise. I would not hesitate in recommending her services and ksabLAW to others.”

Carey Foster; Finance Director of Heritage Resorts

“We have worked with Keeley on all our employment matters for more than ten years and have always found her work exemplary. She is extremely knowledgeable on current employment law and practice and has always been thoroughly professional in her dealings with our company. We have no hesitation in emphatically recommending her to any prospective clients”

Gregor Ritchie of Optimum Hotel and Leisure Management

“We have been working with Keeley and ksabLAW since 2018 in respect of the various hotels that we manage. She has assisted us and the hotels with matters including updating contracts of employment and workplace policies and procedures, employment tribunal claims and advisory work relating to grievances and disciplinaries. We have always found her professional, efficient and easy to deal with. In my Glaswegian tongue, I would say ‘Keeley is pure dead brilliant so she is’!’’

Other Testimonials to be provided on request from different sectors including:
Resorts / Hotels; Logistics; Museum / Education / Events); and Transport.