Having worked in the education sector for some years, we are fully aware of how this sector operates including union recognition, implied contractual terms via the Teacher Pay and Conditions Document, the Burgundy Book and Green Book and other governance requirements or legislation (eg. the Ordinances in the Higher Education sector). The HR / Employment Law Service that is offered to schools, colleges and higher education institutions includes:

  1. An advisory service on all areas of employment law where we work with your senior management team;
  2. A documentation service to accompany the advisory service working with your senior management team and a document legal compliance service with knowledge and experience of the Burgundy Book and Green Book;
  3. An investigation service assisting your senior management team with grievance and/or disciplinary investigations or conducting these on your behalf;
  4. An Employment Tribunal Service representing you in any proceedings that may be brought against you; and
  5. A training service providing your staff or senior management team with bespoke training on a range of employment law topics or an employment law area of your choice.